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Manufacturer EnvisionTEC
Manufacturer / Supplier EnvisionTEC
Technology SLA, DLP Projector
Generic material Polymer
Materials ABS
Suitable for Office, Industry, Lab, Prosumers
Purpose Professional, Industrial
UTS Max 35.60MPa
UTS Min 35.60MPa
Tensile Modulus Max 1 500.00MPa
Tensile Modulus Min 1 500.00MPa
Elongation at break Max 3.70%
Elongation at break Min 3.70%
Flexural Modulus Max 2 290.00MPa
Flexural Modulus Min 2 290.00MPa
Flexural Strength Max 81.00MPa
Flexural Strength Min 81.00MPa
Glass Transition Temp Max
Glass Transition Temp Min
Hardness Max 85
Hardness Min 85
Hardness Shore Scale Shore D
HDT Max 70.00ºC
HDT Min 70.00ºC
USP Class VI Certified No
Link envisiontec.com


The EnvisionTEC line of 3SP® 3D printing materials are formulated for use with printers that use the Scan, Spin and Selectively Photocuring technology to grow exceptionally accurate and functional parts, without sacrificing speed of build time.



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