Renkforce RF1000

Renkforce RF1000 Home 3D printer
Renkforce RF1000 3D printer Renkforce RF1000 3D printer Renkforce RF1000 3D printer Renkforce RF1000 3D printer
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Status Available for sale
Price range 2,000 - 3,000 $
Price USD $2 600.00 USD
Price EUR 2 000.00 €
Manufacturer Conrad
Technology group Material extrusion
Technology FFF / FDM
Materials group Thermoplastics
Materials PLA, ABS, PA, PET, Laywoo, Laybrick
Max building size 245x200x230 mm
Build X 200 mm
Build Y 200 mm
Build Z 230 mm
Min layer height 50 microns
Max layer height 400 microns
# of extruders 1
Filament diameter 3.00 mm
Nozzle diameter 0.40 mm
Heated bed Yes


Card reader Yes
LCD Display Yes
Connectivity USB, SD Card
Power supply 100 - 240 V 620 W
File type STL



Format Plug&Play
Weight 16.00 kg
Machine size 375x500x410 mm
Made in Germany
Use Home
Suitable for Home
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This 3D printer can either be PC-operated (via USB) or as a standalone via data feed from a SD memory card. The built-in display allows for easy monitoring of the printing process. The print control menu can be accessed via a built-in keypad that also features special keys for a manual adjustment of the printing parameters during the ongoing printing process.

The RF1000 mechanical parts are made from aluminium and steel, providing all-around stability and protection. Rubber shock absorbers minimise the risk of vibration-induced damage during non-stop operation.

The Renkforce RF1000 printer is designed for standard 3D printing filaments supplied by leading manufacturers such as ABS, PLA, PVA, EcoPLA™, PET, Taulman, Layrick, Bendlay, Laywood-D3, HIPS and smart ABS.

The large print chamber volume (10 litres) enables the fabrication of objects up to 230 x 245 x 175 mm.


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