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The Only Machine You’ll Have To Buy

Simple yet powerful options allow you to create any type of 3d model you can imagine. Millions of possibilities.

Fully Flexable

ErectorBots are capable of refining or in most cases re-inventing any workflow to be faster and more efficient. Great for tooling, testing, schooling or even final end product, ErectorBots can change your entire process.

Save time and money for RnD

Time is money and when you have a large scale ErectorBot. You get your time back. All those tedious hours of making things the hard way are a thing of the past. Not to mention the quality models just keep coming.

Advanced Options

We understand that not all process is the same. ErectorBots are also routers, cutters, welders and much more. If you have a special need we have the answer.

 Click Package Bundles avalible

Not everyone has the time to learn what is needed to run an ErectorBot. Time is critical when your business is on the line. We can tailor a ready to go suite of software and options to seamlessly integrate any situation.

Remote Support

Remote support is available with every ErectorBot. We can not only assist your model development and settings, we can even drive and print with your machine remotely. This is a major asset for those moments when you really need a hand. Or even should you choose to run the machine yourself from another location.

Onboard Video

ErectorBot comes with an HD camera for remote monitoring and assistance. This means while you can keep an eye on those very important prints from anywhere. Time lapsed events, videos and more..


Company's products and services

Model Technology Price range Max build volume Users' rating
EB 2076 LX FFF / FDM 20,000 - 50,000 6096 x 2133 x 1828 mm

Average: 2.5 (23 votes)

EB-HD FFF / FDM 50,000 - 100,000 18288 x 12192 x 12192 mm

Average: 2.8 (20 votes)